Corroseal converter chemistry is a proprietary technology based on very mild acids combined with an unpigmented, improved metal primer, a copolymer created from styrene butadiene (latex) chemistry.

Corroseal is a water based rust converter combined with an unpigmented high quality copolymer latex metal primer. The advantages of using Corroseal include reduced labor costs by not having to mechanically or chemically remove existing rust while at sea, on bridges, or in operational factories; and by the environmentally friendly properties of the product which makes delivery, storage, use, cleanup and disposal relatively convenient when compared to other metal primers and rust removal methods.

Corroseal is non flammable, non corrosive, easy to apply, and cleans up with just soap and water

Corroseal works equally well applied by an inexperienced homeowner or by a professional shipyard painter.


Not all rust converters perform equally. Corroseal Rust Converting Primer was formulated specifically for use in the marine industry - one of the harshest environments for coatings. There are considerable differences in formulas and performance between the various rust treatment products in the market. Corroseal has proven performance for over 25 years in harsh environments, which is not true for many competing rust converter type products.